All invoices are payable in cash:

  1. Any late payment will result in a charge of law and without prior formal notice of 12% per year, plus a fixed indemnity of 15% with a minimum of € 75.00. In addition to this interest, the amount of our invoices can also be increased by € 12.50 per mail sent, plus € 25.00 for each trip of a conciliator.
  2. Any dispute to be liable must be notified by a letter sent within 8 working days of receipt of the disputed invoice.
  3. In case of payment delay, the contentious issue will be forwarded to our debt collection company; The costs will be in their entireties to charge the debtor party.
  4. Only the courts of Liège (commercial court or one of four cork Peace justices, chosen by the applicant) have jurisdiction in any dispute between the parties.